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The Forgotten Song. The blind become accustomed to their world by their adjustments to it. They think they know their way about in it.


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  • Awakening together in Christ Consciousness

    Rev. Tony is currently speaking at Unity churches and spiritual centers around the U.S. offering a rich message of the healing power of forgiveness and the science of applying principles of Truth to bring about the transformation of the individual […]

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  • The Truth Will Make You Free

    by Tony C. (From the talk given at Unity on Cape Cod Jan.2015)

    I Believe, without a shadow of doubt, the greatest and most noble quest in life is the quest for Truth, the truth of life and the truth of […]

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  • Prayer IS the Principle

    A look at the 4th Principle of Unity.
    (From the talk given at Unity of Chattanooga Oct. 2014)
    This has been an amazing time for me in terms of my own personal, spiritual journey moving from the fears of the ego […]

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  • The meaning of prayer

    by Liliana B.
    When I was a child we use to do several prayers before going to sleep. We were praying to the saints, the holy virgin and specially the child Jesus. My mother use to read us every night those […]

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  • The Environmental Problem… ” Who Is Responsible? “

    by Tony C.
    When I look at the state of the World today and the condition of our natural environment, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to enact some dramatic and positive change for the planet. We […]

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