• The Truth Will Make You Free

    Miracle Encounters

    by Tony C. (From the talk given at Unity on Cape Cod Jan.2015)

    I Believe, without a shadow of doubt, the greatest and most noble quest in life is the quest for Truth, the truth of life and the truth of who we really are. And, in order to realize that Truth we must have love, and even more than that, we must give our self to love and become love. So rather than merely having and receiving love, we must BE Love !

    There are two different Bible translations of this scripture, one says, The truth will set you free… The other says, The Truth will make you free. I like the word “make” here because even though you may be set free from outer circumstances, to made free means something has changed within you something at the very core of your being.
    To “know the truth” at the level of experience means you have undergone a radical transformation in the way in which you see yourself and the world around you. You have come to a very real experience of the Truth of Who You Really Are.

    The Basic principle of truth is that the mind of each individual may be consciously unified with Divine Mind through the indwelling Christ. By affirming at-one-ment with God-Mind, we eventually realize that perfect mind which was in Christ Jesus.
    ( Charles Fillmore, The Revealing Word )

    So wherever you are on your path to self-realization, know that the True You, IS the Christ-Mind, the Holy One, The Child of the Eternal and Loving Spirit which gives life to everything in this universe. The Perfection of Universal Mind dwells in you now, and will be manifest and come forth as you. You are the truth and the way and the life and Love of God. Right now. This is why affirming the truth has so much power. Because you are cooperating with the inevitable !

    I can read about my true nature in Bibles and books, I can study in classes and workshops and seminars, but I must begin to see the goal of Christ realization in me as a real experience or it will persistently seem to be an unattainable fantasy which perhaps for the lucky few will become reality.

    What is standing in my way of the ultimate experience of myself? Only my own thoughts, my own judgments, my own fears and my own grievances. My blame, shame , guilt, anger, hatred and avoidance. And I have come to know a wonderful way to be set free from all these things… (Forgiveness)

    Forgiveness opens the door to the truth which can truly make you free.

    Nelson Mandela, One of my heroes, said this about forgiveness and freedom.

    “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I would still be in prison.”
    (Nelson Mandela, from the book, “Long Walk to Freedom.)

    So Nelson Mandela was acutely aware of the fact, that before he was set free from prison, he would have to be made free by the power of his own decision, to know who he truly was as a child of God and claim, even after twenty seven years in prison, that nothing had touched the character of his own spirit.cloudy-139076_640

    By choosing to forgive he set into motion the power of truth which would manifest for him a destiny which would include a Nobel peace prize, the end of Apartheid and becoming the President of the country which had formerly imprisoned him… not to mentioned being an incredible inspiration for countless millions of people around the world seeking a better way of life and a more loving world consciousness.

    Now he could never had seen all of this coming as he sat in his jail cell for all that time, but I have to believe that it was first set in motion by his
    forgiveness And brought into manifestation through his affirmation of the Truth.

    In whatever way I perform that affirmation, it has to be a deep affirmation of the soul… in accordance with my experience of the absolute truth of my being… and then released in faith to be brought forth in the best way possible for the highest good of all.

    This is a tried and true formula, that each of us can and must use if we are to demonstrate the truth of our being in this world. We have an opportunity to express the highest truths known to humankind… and each of us has been given all power in heaven and earth to do these things.

    All of the great thinkers of our time have said this in one one or another…
    Albert Einstein, who I think was a pretty smart guy, once said,

    “There are only two ways to live your life, one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

    Everything! Is a gift from God and God is Love. Whatever my concept of God is, it is way too small. I can place no limits on the creative power of the universe or on the power of love, why then do I place limits on myself.

    When Jesus said in (John 8) If you believe in me, greater things than I have done, you will do. I always wondered what those things might be. And I also thought, is this true, can I do the same things Jesus did, and greater?
    And I thought, what a wonderful Idea… Even if it doesn’t seem to be true for me now, what a wonderful idea that it is possible… Because I am beginning to accept things beyond my present limitations… and before too long there will be no limitations of any kind for me. For the absolute Truth remains that there are no limitations in this magnificent universe in which we live. And I am a child of the universe. I am Free. I am unlimited. Right now. Right now… and now is the time to stand up and recognize, along with our brother Jesus the Christ, that too I have come to know the Truth of who I Am, and the Truth has made me Free.

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