Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships JoinedOur workshops are designed to help individuals and couples heal their minds from the fear of relationships. The Healed mind accepts all things, people and events as a whole part of itself. We all too often forget that there is no separation between us and everyone in our world, and treating our partners, and everyone else as separate from ourselves makes it impossible to heal our relationships. (The workshops are generally between 2 and 3 hours long.)

 All the “problems” of this world, without exception, are the result of the perception that we are separate.      Tony Cryer

Healing the separation we feel in our most intimate and personal relationships is the most powerful and effective way to experience the peace and joy of a world without conflict and a life without fear.

Building Healthy Relationships

Finding ourselves repeating the same patterns in our relationships could indicate that it is us and nobody else, who finds specific kinds of partnerships attractive. We have entered into a comfort zone when we blame others and convince ourselves that everything that happens to us is just the product of karma. By accepting that premise I also accept that I will always be treated in a specific way, good or bad, forsaken or deceived and therefore I will always experience more of the same. The big shift we have to make in our minds is to recognize that none of this is natural, and that we are entitled to live and grow in a healthy relationship.

“Happiness is our natural state of being”

Healing is not about somebody else, it is about you

The cornerstone of healing is forgiveness and the first one who has to been forgiven is yourself.

When we forgive ourselves and stop feeling guilty, we also stop wanting to be punished, hence, we no longer start or remain in dysfunctional relationships. We break with the old pattern and allow a miraculous new way of being in relationship be given us.

Once we recognize the fact we are responsible for our life and our relationships, we can choose differently. We will start loving ourselves, and what is in our best interest will become clear. When we allow love to be the guide instead of fear, the seed of healing will start to grow.

We will recognize that the shadows of the past have no value. We will then start fresh, never to return to our old ways of projecting onto our partners what we don’t like in ourselves.

With a clear mind and an open heart we move forward now into loving relationships which will bring us to our knees in gratitude and fill us with an unspeakable joy.

The joy of being in a truly loving relationship is a gift of life meant for everyone.

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