• God Is In Everything I See…

     Watching the grace with which this prehistoric predator glided through the water, I was enveloped

    in the  peaceful and certain flowing of her presence.

    I knew if I landed in the water in that moment I would be her lunch

    And yet everything inside of me could see God in this strangely familiar creature..  The next old friend we came upon was an insect almost as big as my hand, multi-colored, with black eyes as dark as space.

      Again, I was taken up in his aura, an energy that slowed the beat of my heart and drew me into another time altogether. What

    manner of communication these beings have used for millions of years. In that instant my words seemed vastly inferior .


          Communication must include the whole of creation to be real, I thought. It must take in the energy and frequencies of every

    living thing around you, the flow of Universal Mind in harmony with the sun, the sea, the tides, the wind and the stillness as well.

    Nothing seemed to move, only vibrate and emanate a certain eternal presence and sublime peace. This is where God resides, in

    the space between things, in the vacant place where communication is born and nurtured and shared by every Being everywhere.


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