• Awakening together in Christ Consciousness

    Rev. Tony is currently speaking at Unity churches and spiritual centers around the U.S. offering a rich message of the healing power of forgiveness and the science of applying principles of Truth to bring about the transformation of the individual as a necessary part of the awakening of humankind.

    He is actively seeking a ministerial position in a Unity Church and welcomes all inquiries in this regard with a willing heart and open mind.

    by Tony C. (From the talk given at Unity of Chattanooga Sept. 2014)

    MiraclencountersThe Bible asks us to, ” Let this Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus ” (Philippians 2.v.5) To me there is no greater purpose on the planet than to make a conscious effort to realize and demonstrate our own divine nature in the world. Thank you for joining with me in the celebration the unity of all humanity in the Universal Mind of God.

    There is no greater joy for me than to join with you, my holy brothers and sisters in the awesome experience of remembering who we really are. And to recognize in one another our perfect and whole identity in God. Charles Fillmore, co­-founder of this marvelous spiritual movement was was quoted as saying, “Divine Mind is our only reality” Divine Mind, Universal Mind, the Mind of God, the creator, Divine and perfect Spirit which gives life to everything in the Universe, that is who and what you are. We are the Sons and Daughters of the Eternal. We have been born out of the eternal and it is to this reality we return, not through death, but through the Truth.

    Awakening to the Truth of who we are, this is the great awakening that is occurring in the world today. Indeed the Mind of God and the mind of man must have a meeting place, a place that quickens the human soul to revelation and to light. I say that meeting place is the place of light and of Miracles. In Paul’s letters to the Ephesians he says “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee Light. (Ephesians 5.v14) That is the place where we meet with our own Christ nature, and the place where the mind is given over in service to the Holy Spirit. The Course in Miracles says “The mind which serves the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever” And Jesus showed us the way to be unlimited, to attain that eternal state of grace, through Forgiveness. His forgiveness, being complete released him from the bonds of this world and propelled him into the resurrection and finally, ascension into the Universe. Our own return to God Mind lies in identification with the Christ Mind. Let’s look at the rest of the message in that scripture… “Let the mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.” This again is our meeting point with our own divine nature. This is the beginning of a real spiritual Awakening, Identification with God!

    This is what Jesus taught, and this is what I am teaching today. I am here today my dear friends to invite you to the great awakening of Human consciousness. I am here to invite you to really let it be true now, as it always has always been. Let this mind which was in Christ Jesus also be in you. Do not think it robbery to be equal with your creator. There is no benefit to you or humanity to you playing small, and pretending not to be the glorious being that God created you to be. After all, God is your Father, your Mother, your creator. You have been endowed with all the attributes of your creator. You have been given all power in Heaven and Earth. The question is not that. The question is, what are you doing with your power? Are you manifesting Light and Joy and Peace in the World? Maybe you feel like you cannot access your power, maybe you cannot determine when the power of your own mind is actually extending in the world and joining in this great illumination of Humankind. Well we have some simple and fun reminders by which we can tell if we are waking up spiritually.

    The first indication of spiritual awakening is that you are not interested in judging, complaining or talking about others in a negative way any longer. You would rather find the good in others and identify with the Christ in them. Second, you may begin to feel what I like to call attacks of gratitude, overwhelming feelings of gratitude for everything in your life and most of all for God. Third, you start to see the best in every situation and always report the good in every situation.

    Forth,Everyone starts to look like your best friend. And fifth but definitely not last, you see the world as a place where you find your freedom instead of a place where you are trapped by circumstances. You begin to genuinely love others for who they are not how they appear to you. To Love, to truly love without expecting anything, to give yourself away completely to the Christ in You, this is the indication of a real awakening of consciousness.

    The Course in Miracles also tells us to “Teach Only Love, for that is what you are” You will never really know who and what you are until you teach only Love. For God is Love My beloved friends and you are the manifestation of God in this world. So go out and “Be The Light of The World With Me”, be witness to the explosion of this amazing Awakening of Christ Consciousness. All we need is you. You are the one we have have been looking for to light up this world. God Bless You, I Love You!

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